New Efficient Pipe Measuring System

By Lars D. Drønen of FabTech AS

In autumn 2022, Fabtech invested in new surveying equipment for measuring pipes

The new automet® FAB Pipe Spool Measurement System and Leica TS16 Total Station represent a small revolution in our daily work.

Previously, we did the survey in the workshop and post-processed the data in the office. It was a time-consuming process that also required the surveyor to have extensive training and experience in using the systems. In addition, we had to do another round in the workshop to communicate the results to the skilled workers afterwards. Having said this, we see the benefit of our operators having a lot of surveying knowledge from the old system to make full use of the new one.

With automet, we’ve got a far more efficient process, the data on the pipe spools in question are uploaded into the system in advance. During measurement, the total station automatically follows the prism and the results appear on the screen immediately. The 3D model that the program presents is intuitive, and any deviations are clearly displayed. In addition, we can rotate and zoom-in on the model, and immediately communicate to the pipefitter if any adjustments are needed to meet the required tolerances.

We have saved a lot of time with the new system and since New Year we have had many demanding and time-critical projects where the new measuring equipment has helped to solve the tasks on time.

A bonus is that we can now deliver documentation of the survey which is far better and more professional than before. Learning the new system is a lot easier than before, our goal is that all pipefitters will be able to use the equipment. This results in the possibility to do more measurements during the assembly process in order to get less corrections to the final result.
A fantastic investment that has led to satisfied users, more efficient measurements, faster deliveries and better documentation.

Lars D. Drønen

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