automet® - Fast, Accurate Pipe Measurement - Unparalleled Design Integrity

automet® is a comprehensive pipework design measurement and reporting system for fabrication, installation and survey of pipework systems. 

The system generates powerful 3D models of pipework layouts that dramatically simplify the design-validation process and delivers significantly enhanced data integrity at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional measurement systems.

Capturing accurate pipework design data and precise real world pipe survey measurements is extremely fast and intuitive.   Import original spool design CAD files or enter design data directly to automet®’s simple user interface and the system will generate a sophisticated, annotated 3D digital model of each spool section.

Next, measure the spool using a Leica Total Station survey instrument.  automet® will automatically generate a comprehensive set of QA reports detailing any manufacturing deviation from the original design.

automet® in Action - Accurate Workshop Fabrication

During fabrication, a number of key measurements need to be collected and recorded – adding time, duplication and a high risk of errors which are often not identified before installation. This can lead to complex and expensive on-site hot work.    

automet® transforms the fabrication process – ensuring that each component is built exactly to specification – first time, every time.   

A typical pipe spool with two or three bends and flanges can be measured for squareness, alignment and size in just two to three minutes. Then you can view the report which highlights all deviations from the design spec within moments.  

automet® enables precise manufacturing to spec in the workshop and simple on-site installation without the need for hot work. 

Client Case Study - J Murphy & Sons

J Murphy and Sons Leeds, UK, have switched from traditional pipespool measurement methods to their pipefitters carrying out all measurements with our automet software.  In their own words, here is what they have gained as a company form using our software solution.

automet® in Action - Seamless On-Site Replacement

Manufacturing pipe spools for tie-in to existing pipework systems requires a high degree of design and manufacturing precision that can be difficult to achieve using traditional measurement & design methods.  

automet® delivers complete end to end data integrity – from survey to design to manufacture – enabling the entire fabrication and testing process to be performed in the workshop with complete confidence of on-site fit.  The system is equally powerful when measuring in-situ pipework as in the fabrication shop – providing a one stop, standardised solution for all fabrication work.   

An accurate and precise survey of the installation site can be conducted using automet® the software automatically collates the captured data into a detailed set of 3D drawings – enabling precise design and fabrication of modification and replacement parts that fit first time when they are delivered to site. 

automet® in Action - Complete Survey Data Integrity

automet®’s powerful, intuitive survey function ensures that a comprehensive array of precise measurement data can be quickly and reliably gathered both in the workshop and on site.  

The system provides instantaneous user feedback throughout the survey process and will reject inadequate coverage or incomplete measurements – ensuring a complete set of data every time.

automet®’s in built checks and balances guarantee surveys only complete when adequate data has been collected – delivering complete integrity for fabrication shop surveys and even in difficult and poorly accessible site environments.

All measurements can then be checked against a digital record  displayed in the QA report delivering complete assurance of complete and accurate data before each survey is completed. 

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Proprietary Hardware Solutions for Simple, Accurate Data Capture

The automet® system uses a highly accurate Leica robotic survey instrument operating with our own proprietary survey devices to capture pipework data to the required precision standards.

Full control of the instrument is available through the GeoCOM interface, thanks to our close relationship with Leica.

The integration of the automet® system with Leica equipment provides a complete solution that requires no additional equipment.

This compact and portable solution allows a single operator to complete the survey using the supplied set of survey devices.

Automet System Hardware

automet® - Revolutionary Pipework Measurement

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