automet® Pipe Spool Measurement System
An industry leading measurement system delivering unmatched data integrity and dramatic cost savings for Pipe Spool Fabricators. Find out how automet® can revolutionise your pipework design process.
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Pipe Spool Measurement Solutions
Our award winning automet system enables fast and accurate measurement of pipe spool systems to micro degrees of tolerance that traditional CAD tools can't get close to. Find out how automet can help with your next pipework design or audit project.
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automet® - Industry Leading Pipe Measurement System

Traditional pipe measurement techniques are slow and often result in poor design integrity – leading to costly manufacturing errors, on-site re-work and client disputes. 

automet® is a revolutionary 3D digital pipe-spool measurement system that dramatically simplifies the measurement process – delivering unmatched integrity at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional systems.

Simply import spool design CAD files or enter design data manually.  automet® will instantly render a precise 3D digital model of each spool. Next, measure the spool using a Leica Total Station survey instrument coupled with our proprietary position capture tools.  automet® will automatically generate a comprehensive set of QA reports detailing any manufacturing deviation from the original design. 

automet®’s powerful data capture and QA capabilities enable reliable and easily verifiable manufacturing accuracy within design tolerances. 

Engineers in an industrial setting measuring pipe systems using theodolite

automet® FAB system overview

Measurements Collected in Minutes - Powerful 3D Reports Rendered in Seconds...

The automet® system is designed to enable fast collection  of highly accurate measurement data – but the system’s true power lies in its ability to quickly process measurement inputs to render precise and true 3D digital models and reports. 

Traditional redline mark-up drawings create inevitable transcription errors that automet®’s powerful visual 3D reports are designed to eliminate.

automet® automatically generates a sophisticated 3D digital model of each spool section including detailed annotation overlays defining the length, position, angle and alignment of each component along with clear deviation alerts where any exist between the manufactured spool vs the original design – making even the most complex and intricate structures extremely easy to interpret and comprehend.

Supporting the Energy & Fabrication Sectors Since 1998

automet®’s parent company mltech has been providing support to the oil and gas and pipe fabrication and servicing industries for over two decades.

Originally established in Aberdeen, Scotland, primarily focused on providing service to the North Sea oil and gas sector, mltech has developed to support a truly global client base spanning a wide variety of industry sectors.

We support clients in the UK, Norway, US, Germany, India, Australia, Thailand, Azerbaijan and many countries in Africa.

We have also worked with Doosan Babcock Ltd to support their work in nuclear power plants throughout the UK.

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ML Tech Customer Dee Piping using the automet® FAB measurement software with Leica hardware at a pipe manufacturing facility in Thailand

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