automet® System - Pipework Set-Up and Measurement

Mike Lloyd Technical Services Ltd (mltech) are the developers and suppliers of the automet® system for pipework set-up and measurement. The pipework manufacturing industry around the world are realising the advantages and benefits of using automet® over traditional methods of pipework measurement. Contact us to find out more. We can talk you through different scenarios.

Endorsement by Henrik Vigh |  Engineering Manager |  Stavanger Mekaniske AS | 15 Jun 2020

One of our main activities in Stavanger Mekaniske is building high precision pipe spools for the Norwegian offshore oil and gas industry. Most of the pipe spools that we build are replacement spools for offshore platforms, when electronic measurement is a strict requirement from our clients. We have been using automet® in our workshop for 4 years. We have 2 total stations running automet® and 3 staff engineers operating them. Electronic measurement is an integrated and important part of our everyday workflow. Our engineers use automet® also to assist the pipefitters with doing better fabrication drawings, when isometric fabrication drawings sometimes can be difficult to read. The immediate results from automet® is a big advantage for the efficiency in the workshop, especially when doing pre-weld measurements. Our engineers also use the automet® system for doing offshore surveys with high accuracy measurements of existing piping and structures.

Endorsement by  Arunkumar S | Asst. Manager – Projects & Engineering | DEE Piping Systems (India) | May 2017

"Integrity is very important to all businesses and demonstrating this can sometimes be difficult.  The use of the automet® software assists us in achieving our dimensional integrity targets but, further to this, the system has an effective audit trail so our clients can review the survey data in 'easy to read'  reports and, if the client has a copy of automet® the raw survey data can also be transferred to our client for review. As far as fabrication industry is concerned implementation of Lean system is beneficial and we made automet® to be a part of our lean system, in terms of cost effectiveness. automet® alerts us at the very beginning stage and makes us to save more money in the form of avoiding excess raw material wastages and welds at wrong orientation. The introduction of the automet® software into our current working practices has improved our pipe spool surveying and fabrication efficiency and therefore our dimensional integrity. We are glad to quote that automet® is a part of DEE Piping Systems (India and Thailand)”.

The main features and benefits of the automet® FAB system are speed, accuracy, ease of use, measurement integrity and an assured audit trail.