automet® System

The automet® pipe & steelwork measurement system has been developed using experience gained over 30 years and is based on current best practice models. This provides a complete and reliable method of replacing existing, or installing new pipe & steelwork without the requirement for hot work, eliminating the risks associated.

A key feature of the software is the capability to provide automated unambiguous reports. This allows for superb consistency and a thorough, traceable audit trail. Put simply, this technology allows you to work productively, and with precision.

Currently the system is being employed in the UK, Norway, USA, Germany, India, South Africa, Australia and UAE by major Oil & Gas companies, engineering and fabrication contractors performing plant and pipework measurements.

automet® plant and pipework measurement system

  • autoFix – The capture element of the system. When used in conjunction with the Leica robotic range of survey instruments dimensional surveys of pipework can be performed in the workshop or onsite with one person in less than 30 minutes to an accuracy of +/-0.3mm. See the video autoFix in the videos section.
  • autoDesign – The design input element of the system. Design information for manufacture and inspection. There are various implementations of autoDesign firstly it can be used to present an onsite survey or deliverable. Or it can be used to represent a third party design input manually or transferred directly from a PDMS idf file. See the video autoDesign in the videos section.
  • autoReport – The reporting element for workshop surveys. Graphical report showing the positional error of main work points and orientation/deflection of spool interfaces i.e. flanges and pipe ends.
  • autoAlign – The live positioning of plant components and the accurate layout on a Cone or Cylinder for the location of attachments and penertrations.

Mike Lloyd Technical Services also provides the option of a detailed and thorough training program to coincide with the use of the automet® software. The training package supplied can be specifically tailored to your needs and delivered on site, enabling your employees to efficiently utilise the skills required to operate the automet® software.

Typically, training lasts between 2 and 5 days and includes:

  • Use and care of survey instrument
  • Choice of survey method
  • Site and post processing QA checks

Typical training schedule for site capture and production of deliverables for a replacement pipe spool:

  • Equipment Care and Set-Up.
  • Choice of Survey Method.
  • Review of Existing Drawings and preparation of a Site Sketch.
  • Review Survey Options and how to set Survey Control.
  • How to Set-Up the TS15 and tripod.
  • On-Site QA checks.
  • Local Orientation of Survey Results.
  • Observation to Tie-In Flanges and all relevant points.
  • Survey Naming and Set-Up Numbering.
  • Zero Co-ordinate Design Files.
  • Corridor pipe capture.
  • Deliverables report.

More than 1,000,000 pipe spools measured with this system to date.

Below are some examples of fabrication spool reports produced by automet®

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